Piano Lessons in
Canton, IL.

Piano lessons for all ages and all skill levels. Keep reading to learn more. 🎹

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Lessons for Children

I teach children ages 5 and up. Beginners focus on developing aural skills and an internal sense of rhythm. This lays the foundation for a life-long love of music.

Lessons for Teenagers

Teens may go into lessons with some previous knowledge in music, or not. My goal is to teach them to play both what they love, and what they need.

Lessons for Adults

Adults have ranging goals in learning the piano. Maybe you want a new hobby, or maybe you want to play piano at open mic night or church. I can help!

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Hi, I'm Curtis, a piano teacher in Canton.

I grew up surrounded by music in church, where my dad was the music director. That environment, with all kinds of people singing and harmonizing, created a love for music that eventually lead to Western Illinois University, where I got a degree in Jazz Studies. After college, I found myself on staff at my own local church (Lakeland Community Church), where I'm the music director today.

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